Domino Galaxy

Are you tired of playing puzzle games that don't reward you for solving them?

Do you want graphics that don't repeat over and over across dozens of levels?

Are you a quick thinker and ready to take on a fun challenge?

Then Domino Game is for you, download the version now from Google Play.


The goal in Domino Galaxy is to topple all dominos and reach the world portal before time runs out. Many obstacles, contraptions and enemies must be passed in order to finish each domino course. The game uses a real physics system that requires players to time their moves correctly in order to advance. The best and fastest players can make it to the top of the online leaderboard.


Toppling dominos in real life is fun. But in bringing the concept to mobile devices, we wanted to add a few twists. Our interactive world contains creatures and enemies, there are areas without gravity, and dominos can be flung across obstacles.

We went through several prototypes before arriving at this exciting genre mix. After a production time of more than 12 months we are finally ready to release the product on Android. A closed beta test has proven that players appreciate this combination of unique game mechanics, cool physics and interesting fresh scenarios.


Android Free-to-Play

Realtime Physics

Fully 3D Environments

Exciting Bonus Items

Online Leaderboard Lots of Dominos!